Internship - Animal Care

Winderong Farm is offering a 6 month residential internship in regenerative animal care.

Winderong Farm is an experimental project encompassing regenerative agriculture, bush regeneration, permaculture, sustainability and communal living. Our farm is set on 810 acres of stunning wilderness and farmland in beautiful Dharawal country, Kangaroo Valley. Our community consists of around 12-15 full-time residents, 6+ local employees, and a host of beautiful and much-loved farm animals and wildlife. We aim to embody the permaculture principle of “we are nature working” and develop a deep understanding and respect for the land we steward, all the time aiming to regenerate the earth and learn from her and each other. 

We have a friendly herd of about 40 beef cattle, a growing dairy herd of four, chickens, five bee hives, and one dog.

You will work closely with our cattle coordinator, checking on the herds daily and moving them as needed using Holistic Grazing techniques (inspired by Allan Savory). We practice low-stress handling techniques when moving them and in the yards (inspired by Temple Grandin). All our cattle are given names and treated with the care and respect they deserve. They are loved for the work they do on the land, the companionship they provide, and then the nutrition they give us at the end of their lives.

You will also help us with the daily milking of our three Jersey cows, learning how to milk using our machine and by hand. You will also learn how to handle and lead our dairy cows and train our new calves. 

You will learn to care for our mature chickens on a day-to-day basis and develop this animal system. We are experimenting with how to integrate our chickens more effectively on the pasture, in the garden, and orchard. There is an opportunity to collaborate with the garden team to utilise their fertiliser and behaviour. You will also learn how to humanely dispatch a chicken and process it for consumption.

We manage our bees using natural beekeeping techniques with minimum intervention (inspired by Tim Malfroy). 

With further resources and interest, we would like to include other animal systems such as turkeys, pigs, and ducks. 

Other areas the internship will focus on:

  • Managing grazing and fencing
  • Managing and monitoring pastures
  • Beef sales
  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Operating farm machinery
  • Wild animal surveillance   

You’ll also be involved in various tasks to support the day-to-day running of the farm and community, eg maintenance, food preparation, and house cleaning.

This is a working internship and is most suited to those who learn through doing. Additional educational opportunities include a weekly meeting for discussion, visits to local growers, and the option to participate in any workshops or events hosted by the farm.

We are happy to tailor the internship to your interests and meet any institutional requirements you have if you are doing formal study. We also welcome couples and families to apply.

Additional benefits that come with living at Winderong Farm:

  • Living in a community of diverse people with shared values
  • Access to an extensive library exploring permaculture, regenerative agriculture, growing guides, herbalism and other books
  • A great local community with monthly Crop-Swap, farmers market and other activities
  • Weekly Zoom yoga class
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Communal gatherings such as singing/mending/crafting circle
  • Local First Nations community connections and activities
  • Beautiful bushwalks on and surrounding the property
  • Access to educational webinars and films

Our internships incorporate both volunteer and paid hours. Volunteer work is exchanged for accommodation, high quality food, and educational opportunities. This is generally structured from 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday (20 hours per week). All work beyond this 20 hours is paid work (generally completed in the afternoon). Occasional weekend work is required. Paid work commences 2 weeks after arrival and interns are expected to eventually contribute 12-15+ hours beyond their volunteer requirement. This internship is intended for people who are enthusiastic to deepen their involvement over time and support the growth of our farm through the grown of your own knowledge and skills.

Accommodation in a decked-out bus and delicious organic food is provided.

We are very open to interns extending beyond their 6 months to become long-term residents and employees. A post-graduate program is in development to provide further learning opportunities and reciprocity for involvement. We are also open to long-term residents developing their own microenterprises on the farm.

Note that Winderong does not currently sell fruit or vegetables commercially. The food we grow is primarily to feed our community, with excess being either swapped, sold at the monthly markets or donated to food banks.

Internship intakes occur every 4 months and the official application window is advertised via our social media. Feel free to contact us and express interest at any time via the email below!

To apply, send an email to with:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter telling us:
    • Who you are
    • Why you would like to intern with Winderong
    • Which internship stream you have chosen and why
    • What skills and experience you bring