Internship - Growing

Winderong Farm is offering 6-month internships to people who are interested in all things plants and sustainable living!

Winderong Farm is an experimental project encompassing regenerative agriculture, bush regeneration, permaculture, sustainability and community living. Our farm is set on 810 acres of stunning wilderness and farmland in beautiful Kangaroo Valley. Our community consists of a group of 10 to 15 volunteers and paid workers, along with a host of beautiful and much-loved farm animals and wildlife. We aim to embody the permaculture principle of “we are nature working” and develop a deep understanding and respect for the land we steward, all the time aiming to regenerate the earth and learn from her and each other. 

Learn how to grow organic, nutrient dense vegetables, herbs and fruit using a variety of techniques including permaculture, natural farming, biodynamics and cover cropping. The growing area is around 2.5 acres, with an annual cropping area, native plant windbreak, herb garden, hugelkulter, poly tunnel and an orchard. You will also have the option to work with our bush regeneration team caring for the bush without using chemicals, as well as raising and planting native plants.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Seasonal planting plan 
  • Raising seedlings
  • Preparing beds for planting
  • Harvesting and storage
  • Saving seeds
  • Pruning fruit trees
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Food processing, fermenting and preserving
  • Bush foods and bush medicine preparation

Also learn how to make a variety of inputs for the garden:

  • Seed raising and potting up mix
  • Compost - lactobacillus, biodynamic techniques and chicken compost
  • Compost tea - both aerobic and anaerobic
  • Natural fertilisers
  • Biochar
  • BD500

You’ll also be involved in various tasks to support the day-to-day management of the farm and community, eg maintenance, house cleaning, roads. 

Skills will mainly be learnt in the field, with the opportunity for fortnightly mentoring meetings and visits to other local growers. We are happy to tailor the internship to your interests and meet any institutional requirements you have if you are doing formal study. We also welcome couples and families to apply. 

Additional benefits that come with living at Winderong Farm:

  • Living in a community of like-minded people
  • Access to an extensive library of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, herb, food growing and other books
  • A great local community with monthly crop-swap, farmers market and other activities
  • Weekly Zoom yoga class
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Communal gatherings such as singing/mending/crafting circle
  • Local First Nations community connections and activities
  • Guided walks
  • Access to educational webinars and films

Internship hours are generally 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday (20 hours per week). Occasional weekend work is required. 

Accommodation in a decked-out bus and delicious nutrient-dense food is provided.  

Interns who are interested in longer-term living/working arrangements at Winderong Farm are strongly encouraged to apply. We offer pathways to employment for committed interns, and are also open to team members developing their own microenterprises on the farm. For successful applicants, some hours of paid work are generally available at Winderong after a 2 week trial period. 

Note that Winderong does not currently sell fruit or vegetables commercially. The food we grow is used to feed the community, with excess being either swapped, sold at the monthly markets or donated to food banks.

To apply, send an email to with:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter telling us:
    • Who you are
    • Why you would like to intern with Winderong
    • What skills and experience you bring
    • When you are available